Stoma Stifler Endorsements & Reviews

Those of us who have a stoma are all too aware of the embarrassment of stoma noise. The stifler is the only product I have seen that removes the embarrassment. It is a clever piece of engineering, comfortable to wear and effective. I feel so much more confident when in quiet meetings etc. No more panic at the first feeling of activity, no more sitting through these meetings with hand firmly clamped over abdomen. Am so delighted to have found this product after 14 years.

Patricia Spooner, UK, a Stoma Stifler user

I finally had the opportunity to try the Stoma Stifler with a belt. It was worn all day while in my office so there was a great deal of sitting down, standing up, and bending over. The Stifler was very comfortable and performed as advertised.

Hugh, Ennismore, Ontario Canada

The Stoma Stifler is included in the education of ostomates by the CWOCN nurses at Banner Good Samaritan Outpatient Ostomy Clinic in Phoenix AZ for its ability to protect the stoma and reduce unwanted noise.

J. Homsted, CWOCN at Banner Good Samaritan Ostomy Outpatient Clinic in Phoenix, AZ,

I like this product. I work in a quiet office and it's difficult sometimes with my colostomy noise. The Stoma Stifler fits great and works like it says, I don't worry about noise anymore. Neat snap design, works well with my ostomy belt.

Robert, FL.

I like how this little device is easy to use, and keeps my ileostomy noise down. I tape the plate on, it works well with my 1-pc pouch. I'm in sales and meet with a lot of potential clients, so for me this product is a must. I was spending too much time worrying during business lunches and meetings. Not any more, thanks!

Michael, WA

My WOCN nurse introduced me to the Stoma Stifler. I needed something to help me with seatbelt use. The low profile design of this product is just what I needed. Love the ability to just snap it on and off!

Robert, PA

I use a 2-piece pouch for my colostomy just below my beltline, and I work in a bank. I like the Stoma Stifler, it keeps my stoma quiet and fits easily under my clothes. Very nice feature to snap it on or off, I put it on when I get to work.

Patrick, IL

Great little ostomy accessory. I'm a new ostomate (6 months) and kept hitting my stoma on the counter and table tops at home. Comfortable fit over my pouch, and keeps my stoma protected. Thanks.

Ricki, FL

One of the most common complaints that I hear at my ostomy out-patient care clinic is about noise. I am happy to have such a product to address it. The Stoma Stifler has helped my patients return to their work and social lives without having the stress of worrying about noise. Need to make it in different colours next! One of my patients wears is all the time in her car, takes care of seat belt worries very nicely.

Cathy, BC Canada, RN

Glad to have found the Stoma Stifler. It was recommended to me by my WOCNmonths after my colostomy surgery. I like the simplicity of it, and I do not worry about noise now. It fits securely with the belt adaptation that comes with it, as I do not want to use the tape option for now.

Cindy, CA

I have 2 dogs at home that like to play with me, and I was constantly keeping my arm over my stoma to protect it, especially while sitting down. The Stoma Stifler works well with this issue by acting as a great little guard!

Ellie, AZ

I bought the Stoma Stifler to wear while playing cards. The tape adheres nicely, and it does not irritate my skin. It works well.

Sam, MN