Insurance Coverage


The Stoma Stifler is an ostomy accessory that is covered within the stipulations of some insurance programs. To see if you qualify for full or partial reimbursement, simply call your current ostomy supply company and ask them if they could include a Stoma Stifler within your next order through your current plan. Your current ostomy supply company may call us at 248-726-9745, and we will assist them with this.

Before Obamacare, insurance code E0700 was used to encompass any type of safety equipment, device or accessory. This code may or may not prove to be helpful to your ostomy supply company. There are 4 focus benefits of the Stoma Stifler listed below. Many insurances recognize the benefits of the Stoma Stifler for cost savings in the long run, and want to know what they are. This is a one-time buy product, unlike most ostomy supplies that are purchased every month or so.

Benefits of the Stoma Stifler

  • Muffles stoma noise effectively
  • Protects the stoma area from bumps, knocks and general impact
  • Prolongs the life of the pouch by protecting it
  • Helps prevent leaks by applying a gentle pressure on the adhesive of the pouch system

A Medicare proposal is underway for Stoma Stifler coverage in the USA. It takes time, and estimated coverage could be within 12-18 months.

United Kingdom

For those residing in the UK, the Stoma Stifler has been presented to the NHS (National Health Service) for the inclusion on the drug tariff. Our representative in the UK, Mr. John Walsh from, can answer any questions you may have. Mr. John Walsh can give you direction to help you get your Stoma Stilfer as quickly as possible. His email is


There are many insurance companies in Canada that fully cover the Stoma Stifler. Mike Johnston at our Canadian distributor Helping Hands Medical Supplies can quickly and easily see if you qualify. He may be contacted at the following toll free number: 1-855-684-1076, or email