Stoma Noise Suppression

Co-inventor Mark Bain is a mechanical engineer with years of experience in structural foam, molding, and acoustic dampening for vehicle interiors. Expert knowledge of the properties of these foams provided an excellent material selection guide when creating the high density molded polyurethane foam that is used in the cup of the Stoma Stifler to muffle and suppress stoma noise.

Virtually no other engineered material does as good a job combining aesthetics, comfort, acoustic dampening / muffling and structural integrity. In support of our Earth and environment, this appliance utilizes soy (a renewable resource) in the material blend. The cup always remains outside the pouch, never coming in direct contact with the stoma.

The symmetrical design allows for both left and right stoma applications (either colostomy or ileostomy), and the soft cup is flexible as it conforms to the body.

The Advantages of the Stoma Stifler for Colostomy and Ileostomy Sound Control

Avoid embarrassing moments from stoma sounds.

Special geometry: The tapered edge along the perimeter provides gentle flex, and contours to individual body shapes. Around the cup and along its spine, the Stoma Stifler has a thicker cross-section to withstand impact and suppress stoma noise.

The Stoma Stifler weighs less than a Smartphone, and you do not have to wear it all the time if you choose not to due to the magnetic clasp, which allows the user to put it on and take it off within seconds, easily, without undressing.

How does stool pass to the pouch while wearing the Stoma Stifler?

The Stoma Stifler was engineered with a geometry and a material that allows softness & significant flex at the perimeter (where the cup meets the pouch). This property makes the product very comfortable to wear while also permitting soft and moderately firm stool to naturally pass through the bottom area and into the lower pouch.

For ostomates with harder stool, this is easily managed by slipping the edge of your finger under the rim, and pulling it slightly away from your body. This can be done very discreetly and easily while sitting or walking. Any accumulated hard stool will fall into the lower pouch, and the cup will return to the snug position when you let go.

You can adjust how snugly the Stoma Stifler hugs your body, which will also affect how readily the stool moves to the lower pouch. Lastly, the Stoma Stifler was designed to be conveniently removable, and so you can choose when and when not to wear it.