Stoma Guard

The Stoma Stifler is a soft/hard hybrid product that guards effectively down the spine with rigidity whileman snapping on the stoma stifler conforming to the body with its flexible rim. The molded high density polyurethane foam allows for superior protection while suppressing unpredictable and potentially embarrassing stoma noise.

The cup shaped design and close fit the body provides a sound barrier that contains ostomate noise. The the inner core is a dense closed cell polyurethane foam with excellent acoustic dampening properties that are commonly used in automotive acoustic engineering.

The symmetrical design allows for both left and right stoma applications (either colostomy or ileostomy), and the soft cup is flexible as it conforms to the body.

The Stoma Stifler Protects During Many Lifestyle Activities Like:

Sports and Exercise: The Stoma Stifler is a softer armor option for maximum comfort, and effective protection. It is smaller than any other guard option available. The Stoma Stifler weighs less than a smartphone, while offering excellent sound suppression. Its gentle pressure preserves the adhesion of the appliance, preventing possible leaks that could stem from adhesion issues. The Stoma Stifler also preserves the integrity of the pouch, making it last longer.

Housework: The Stoma Stifler creates a safeguard against countertop bumps, rubs and knocks. It is a general defense from all of the unpredictable everyday places that seem to find the stoma area and present impact risks.

Gardening: The Stoma Stifler creates the perfect buffer area around the stoma when bending.

Office: Sitting at a desk often rubs at the stomal area. Be assured that the Stoma Stifler will be there to absorb all of those office bumps. Quiet office workers depend on the noise suppression qualities as well as the guard properties of the Stoma Stifler.

Worship: Crowd protection during busy worship services as well as noise suppression when all is quiet. Unpredictable and potentially embarrassing stoma noise is abated.

Seat Belts: Many of our customers use the Stoma Stifler specifically to make seat-belt use comfortable and preventing the belt from directly pulling/pushing at the stoma. The hybrid design (firm spine yet soft contoured edges) greatly improves day to day quality of life for drivers and passengers alike!

Grandchildren: Enthusiastic grandchildren want to be hugged and played with. They do not realize they may be bumping a sensitive area. The Stoma Stifler will provide the security needed at these times to protect the stoma, and keep unwanted noise at bay.

Social meals/Situation: Restaurants, potlucks, parties, at the clubhouse or casino, no one wants unwanted stoma noise to potentially interrupt a good time. The Stoma Stifler is the defense to help ostomates live freely without worry when it comes to stoma noise.

Pets: Our pets love us, and they want to show us that love! Claws seem to reach the mid-torso, right where the stoma is. The Stoma Stifler wearer has the assurance of protection during pet playtime and affection.

Crowds: If you ever find yourself at a busy venue, people in crowds present a potential hazard by brushing up against or knocking the stoma area. The securely fit Stoma Stifler will shield and shelter the stoma from this situation.